Music In Me (MIM)

“Music in Me” is our Gloria Musica’s signature outreach music program for kindergartens. We envision all kindergartens in Malaysia to have quality music education as part of their school curriculum. We train and mentor our teachers with our tailored made lesson plan and provide support to ensure growth in our team. With contents that is age appropriate, we engage the children and nurture the love of music through lots of fun music activities: singing, movement, playing instruments, music stories, ensemble and etc…


  1. Every child can sing
  2. To provide quality music education in kindergartens
  3. To discover music in every child


  1. Bring joy to children through singing and musical play.
  2. Human voice is the most natural musical instrument. We encourage lots of singing through games, echo singing, and singing in group during music classes.
  3. Through body movement, dances, and percussion playing, we help to build children sense of beats and rhythm since young. This can enhance children coordination skills and learning skills.
  4. To unleash children creativity through songs, games, fun activities and giving them opportunities to create.
  5. Children will be given chance to be a leader by leading their groups through play, body movement and echo singing.
  6. Rediscover folklores, folk songs and nursery rhymes that belong to the children.

Why music is important for early year’s children?

  1. Early years are the “prime-time” for learning.
  2. Music makes everyone happy.
  3. Music helps to enhance language, social-emotional, motor skills, cognitive, social, memory and more.
"Musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed.” Shinichi Suzuki

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